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Six Months Later

On August 15, 2015 by Seth

I’ve returned to West Virginia and begun medical school. My book-in-progress continues to gather dust, as I’m giving my full attention to studying until I find my feet. I expect within another month or two I’ll know how to balance the different parts of my life. Sadly, I won’t have to balance family as much since my wife’s military and medical obligations keep her and the children on the west coast, and us separated for the next three years. Thank God for Skype.

In other writing news, I was contacted this past week by Joey Madia of New Mystics Reviews. Mr. Madia recently read my third book, Prelude to Discord, and will be posting a review of it on his blog in the next few days.

Days in Washington

On February 12, 2015 by Seth

A little over two months ago, I received my acceptance letter for WVSOM. I decided to take a complete break from writing at the time because I only had half a year to spend with my wife and kids before I went off to become a doctor. I wake up before six every morning to make my wife coffee and/or breakfast, pack her lunch, then drive her to work. I cringe to think that this weekend will be our last Valentine’s together for the next several years. I walk my youngest girl to school, talk video games with my son, talk books with my oldest girl. I’ve been on field trips to the capital and to the rivers where salmon lay their eggs. Last month, we took a trip to Forks, WA and killed some vampires, but not before they released a series of movies. We also visited Portland, which is still keeping it weird.

Book five has been sitting near completion for some time now. I’ve not had writer’s block, I’ve just been lazy. As someone who is bad at half-measures, I’ve not been diligent about writing a little each day. The closest thing I can relate it to is momentum. When at rest, I’m difficult to get moving, and when moving, I’m difficult to slow. I’ll wake up soon. Just five more minutes.

What’s Going On

On October 27, 2014 by Seth

I just realized this week how many weeks had slipped by since my last update. Tempus Fugit.

On the writing front, things are going slowly. My attempt to transition from OpenOffice to MSWord has been unsuccessful, largely in part to MSWord being unfriendly to formatting attempts. I still like a lot of the features of MSWord such as the editing features, but it will be impossible to make it do what I want for publishing. I’ve decided to continue writing as I have in OO, and when I want to proof, simply load the file to Word, then make corrections on my OO file. Tedious, but functional. Also, the self-imposed publish deadline has been removed though I am still aiming to wrap up The Coral Arrangement by year’s end.

On the medicine front, I’ve received an invitation to interview at WVSOM next week. This is great news for me, considering it’s the one and only place I want to go. If they accept me, I’ll start school again next July, which gives me nine months to finish books five and six before putting my writing on the back burner and focusing on my studies. I’ll still write, of course, but only when I need a short break from medicine.

Back To The Keyboard

On August 25, 2014 by Seth

Summer came and went, with most of my time spent studying for and taking the MCAT. That was followed by a wonderful three weeks with my kids before they go back to school this week, which will leave me at home with some quiet time to write again. I did get the first few threads of a potentially new story to work on while studying, but that will have to wait until The Keys is wrapping up. Looking forward to getting back to it, and will post next week after I dust off all my tools.

Time Flies

On May 29, 2014 by Seth

Four years ago, Crystal and I moved to Lewisburg, WV with our children so that she could go to medical school. The town has been a great place to raise a family, the medical school a great place to learn. It’s been a wonderful experience, and hopefully life will bring us back to West Virginia one day (never thought I’d say that four years ago). As for as the schooling, I have to brag on my wife just a tad. She did exceptionally well in her studies the past four years, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

She graduates in two days, and then we’re off to Washington State, hitting up Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, and as much beautiful northwest scenery as we can get along the way. Crystal will be continuing her medical career at Ft. Lewis with the kids, and I will be returning to Lewisburg to continue classes and studying for the MCAT. Again, novel-writing will resume in August after that exam, and the next book will be done before Christmas.

In other news, a big congratulations to Philip Zhang, my awesome cover artist. Philip was recently hired by the renowned computer game company, Blizzard Entertainment, to work as an environmental artist for their flagship title “World of Warcraft”. I’m very happy for him, and he promised he would continue doing covers for me on the side.

I’ll do my best to post another update this summer, but won’t promise, because I might be neck-deep in studying.

No Fooling

On April 1, 2014 by Seth

Happy April Fools Day, everyone. A great many things have happened in the past two months, all of which have contributed to me not writing more than a dozen pages for book five. My wife, Crystal, will be graduating medical school at the end of May. Her next destination was uncertain up until last Monday. Now, we know that we will be headed to Washington State at the beginning of June to continue her medical training. On top of all of the issues that come with a regular cross-country move, add to it the military paperwork, the residency paperwork, and the minor detail that Crystal is currently out of country, in Sierra Leone on six-week medical rotation. I’m counting down the days until she gets back (just 18, now) and holding the line until she does.

Now, I know all of that sounds hectic, but it really isn’t a good enough excuse for writing so little. The truth is, I’m trying to get into medical school. I returned to college last fall to wrap up my prerequisites, have been spending time shadowing physicians, and been studying in preparation for the MCAT, which I’ll take in August. I’m currently taking 20 hours, which on top of everything else going on in my life, has severely cut into my writing time. This too shall pass… after I take the MCAT. Following that, I’m free to write for a year, and have plans to finish books five and six before medical school starts (if life takes me that way). For the time being, the release date is being pushed back.

In other news, the cover art for the fifth book is 99% done. I will add it to the website next month!

February Update

On February 1, 2014 by Seth

Life took an unexpected twist mid-December. My wife, Crystal, received a civilian deferment for residency from the military. It wasn’t a bad twist, except that we hadn’t anticipated it, and so we were forced to scramble for options. Things have died down on that end, though we won’t know anything for certain until Match Day mid-March. I’m optimistic, but regardless of the outcome, we’ve learned a valuable lesson – to wit, nothing is guaranteed until it has already happened.

In writing news, things are slow. One might think January’s snowstorms would be perfect to write in, but in truth, it meant our children only had four days of school in January. Needless to say, I was very distracted with them at home, but am back to a regular routine. Phillip Zhang, artist extraordinaire, has been given the section of manuscript I want the next cover to be based on, so I might have something to show on that end in the next few weeks.

Update on Book 5

On December 9, 2013 by Seth

My apologies for the lack of updates. I took on a side project in the past few months that took more of my time than I’d hoped, and it’s caused a delay in the publication of the next novel, “The Coral Arrangement”. I’m happy to say that project has winded down (for the time being), and I am chomping at the bit to get back to writing. I could probably wrap up the first draft within the next four weeks if I chained myself to the desk, which I’m inclined to do. I am very excited to get into the next section of the story (books six and seven). Expect an update on writing progress the first week of January!

Back to

On August 31, 2013 by Seth

The summer’s travel is concluded, the kids are back in school, and I’m back to writing. I’m out of my routine, though, which means it’s harder to get started and even harder keep going when I sit down. My short attention span and distracted nature keep getting the better of me. The December 1st release for Book 5 seems a lot less reasonable than it did back in June, but I will push for what I can, and we shall see. Now, off! Time to kill your favorite character.

On a Vacation (of sorts)

On July 18, 2013 by Seth

I landed in Hawaii yesterday, one of several stops this summer as my wife susses out which residency program is the best fit for her medical training. On the list of stops: Seattle, San Antonio, Fayetteville (NC), and Washington DC. It’s not all play for me, as I am checking out the local schools and looking at the logistics of living in each of the locations.

While my travels keep me from working on “The Coral Arrangement”, they aren’t preventing me from dreaming, plotting, and thinking. I’ve already seen and heard some interesting things this trip that will probably find their way into my writing in some form other. Experience is meat for the imagination, and I’m looking forward to getting home and back to writing.