In Harmony’s Way

Official Release Date: June 1, 2013


IN HARMONY’S WAY is the fourth title in THE KEYS series.

From the Back Cover of the Book

The pieces are moved into place,
and the Ancient War goes on.

Turmoil continues to plague the island of Kithar. From the eastern port of Anat, the newly sparked Breckish rebellion threatens to unravel the tenuous hold of the Iori Empire before spreading. At the helm of the rebellion are Yoav Abaner, Arco’s former mentor and friend, and Cavaler Nayme, the leader of the fledgling rebellion’s most powerful and dangerous faction. Will Arco find himself caught up in the heat of the rebellion?

In Zeph, western port of Kithar, the Iori Empire remains shaken but strong. While continuing her mission to secure music for the war in the Greatlands, the Silencer Arian Deisfang discovers an old friend. Nereis, the former demar, finds herself a new Acolyte, and Maletalio seeks answers from the Church of Artre. Despite their vast differences, they find themselves brought together by a betrayal that might very well plunge Zeph into anarchy.

Realizing he can’t defend Rachel from the world, Chastin goes on the offensive and confronts the most dangerous enemy ever. Despite his intentions, the final decision will be Rachel’s to make. Will she turn her back on her peaceful ways when Chastin is pushed to the edge?