Prelude to Discord

Official Release Date: December 1, 2012


PRELUDE TO DISCORD is the third title in THE KEYS series.

From the Back Cover of the Book

Old enemies ally against new foes,
and the Ancient War goes on.

Captured by a Silencer. Maletalio’s greatest fear has become a reality as he finds himself carried off in the dead of night. While praying he doesn’t end up being returned to a box, thoughts of escape run through his mind. His freedom, however, is restored in the most improbable of ways.

Nereis, demar of the Magician caste, returns home to Bathos, the underwater capital of the world. Through treachery and the goddess Erma’s irrational behavior, Nereis finds herself condemned to a fate worse than death. Vowing revenge, she seeks out the only one to thwart Erma; the Great Magician of the islands.

Behind closed doors in Coda Misung, some secrets have remained hidden for centuries. Some have remained hidden much longer. Will the secrets that Chastin, Rachel, and the rest uncover be enough to save the world from the ravagings of war?