The Silent Sound

Official Release Date: September 1, 2012


THE SILENT SOUND is Seth’s second published work, as well as the second in THE KEYS series.

Synopsis by Seth

Whenever someone mentions that they’re reading UNHEARD OF, I secretly hope that they continue on to read THE SILENT SOUND. I always think “Stop reading at the end of the second book, if you wish, but please don’t stop at the end of the first.” Not because I want people to read all my books (well, I do), but because together, the two books truly set up the rest of the series. Where I wrote its predecessor as a way to introduce the characters to each other as well as the reader, THE SILENT SOUND was written with the intent of showing a great deal more of the Keys and offering a glimpse of the coming conflict.

Another thing I wanted to toy with in this book is self-perception. When seeing the world through the eyes and thoughts of a specific character, what they see and consider relevant to themselves will often be at odds with what the world would expect. They might not even give a moment’s thought to what everyone else would consider to be their defining aspect as a person.

As I hate coming up with short descriptions for my books, I won’t for this. What I will say, though, is that I love a good twist at the ending, and the one at the end of THE SILENT SOUND will forever be one of my favorites.

From the Back Cover of the Book

Secrets of old are rediscovered,
and the Ancient War goes on.

Waking from the attack on the imperial frigate, Arco finds himself on a strange beach and in the company of an even stranger hermit named Isra. Despite the man’s awkwardness, Arco accepts Isra’s aid, unaware that the so-called fisherman has more of an agenda than simply helping wayward sailors.

Accompanied by Maletalio and Rachel, Chastin sets off to Rel Brit to save his father and brothers from their imprisonment by the Iori Empire. The task seems impossible, even with Maletalio’s aid, as the greatly feared Silencers are most assuredly lying in wait to capture them all.

Rescued from the waters near Saint Isen, Captain Arian Deisfang of the Imperial Navy finds herself confronted by unanticipated difficulties. Her mission is clear, however; retrieve what secrets she can from the ruins of Coda Misung. The fate of more than just the Empire hangs upon her success.