Unheard Of

Official Release Date: January 1, 2012


UNHEARD OF was Seth’s first published work, and the first book in the series titled ‘The Keys’.  The hybrid science-fantasy novel, which was written in the first half of 2011, came about after a few years of hobby-writing and daydreaming.

Synopsis by Seth

It’s easier to write a novel than it is to describe your book to people in a few paragraphs.  If it’s worth the paper it’s printed on, even a ‘light’ novel (85,000 words is short for the fantasy genre) will hold enough surprises that even giving such a brief description runs the risk of giving too much away.

The story of UNHEARD OF takes place on the Isle of Light, the largest of the twelve islands of the Keys.  Like the rest of the world, the Keys are ruled by the Iori Empire, a fairly benevolent government that advocates the pursuit of knowledge.  To this end, the Empire has founded many universities, which in turn have fostered the advancement of science.  Technologies such as the steam engine and firearm have become proliferate, and more recent inventions such as the telegraph have begun to appear.

Conceptually, I do not consider this first novel to be ‘epic fantasy’.  There is no quest, no great lord of evil to be overthrown.  It’s about a handful of people and the rediscovery of magic in a world dominated by science.

The book follows the experiences of three (and a half) characters as they react to the events of the world that are beginning to catch up with the distant islands.  Chastin, the Iori duke’s son, stumbles upon a sentient artifact, and quickly becomes a fugitive from the Empire his family serves.  Rachel, the young shepherdess, is entrusted by her Grandpa with a family secret.  Tilt, a drunken beggar, finds himself caught up in a plot to murder an imperial magistrate.

The stories intertwine, and the truth of what was forgotten is ultimately revealed.

From the Back Cover of the Book

Far from the conflicts engulfing the world,
the Ancient War begins anew.

At an academy in Rel Brit, Chastin lands himself in trouble after fighting a fellow student. An embarrassment to his father the duke, Chastin has strained the bounds of his family’s patience. Given a final chance, Chastin joins his class on a trip to the Discoveratory. There, he crosses the path of a fugitive artifact with a mind of its own and knowledge that the Iori Empire would keep hidden at any cost.

On a farm in the countryside, Rachel and her grandparents receive a troubling notice. Rebellion in the Greatlands has prompted the Empire to levy an impossible tax; one that will result in forfeiture of their land if unmet. Despite the hardships, Rachel finds comfort in her faith, the teachings of her grandfather, and a beautiful secret only she and the sheep have heard.

In a filthy stable in Aluntown, a former sailor called Tilt wakes to another meaningless day of existence. A despised Breck—descendants of the original inhabitants of the islands of the Keys—Tilt spends his hours barely scraping by in a world that seems determined to punish him. Unable to hold a job or his drink, he falls in with criminals and takes the first steps down a darker path.

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