Days in Washington

On February 12, 2015 by Seth

A little over two months ago, I received my acceptance letter for WVSOM. I decided to take a complete break from writing at the time because I only had half a year to spend with my wife and kids before I went off to become a doctor. I wake up before six every morning to make my wife coffee and/or breakfast, pack her lunch, then drive her to work. I cringe to think that this weekend will be our last Valentine’s together for the next several years. I walk my youngest girl to school, talk video games with my son, talk books with my oldest girl. I’ve been on field trips to the capital and to the rivers where salmon lay their eggs. Last month, we took a trip to Forks, WA and killed some vampires, but not before they released a series of movies. We also visited Portland, which is still keeping it weird.

Book five has been sitting near completion for some time now. I’ve not had writer’s block, I’ve just been lazy. As someone who is bad at half-measures, I’ve not been diligent about writing a little each day. The closest thing I can relate it to is momentum. When at rest, I’m difficult to get moving, and when moving, I’m difficult to slow. I’ll wake up soon. Just five more minutes.