No Fooling

On April 1, 2014 by Seth

Happy April Fools Day, everyone. A great many things have happened in the past two months, all of which have contributed to me not writing more than a dozen pages for book five. My wife, Crystal, will be graduating medical school at the end of May. Her next destination was uncertain up until last Monday. Now, we know that we will be headed to Washington State at the beginning of June to continue her medical training. On top of all of the issues that come with a regular cross-country move, add to it the military paperwork, the residency paperwork, and the minor detail that Crystal is currently out of country, in Sierra Leone on six-week medical rotation. I’m counting down the days until she gets back (just 18, now) and holding the line until she does.

Now, I know all of that sounds hectic, but it really isn’t a good enough excuse for writing so little. The truth is, I’m trying to get into medical school. I returned to college last fall to wrap up my prerequisites, have been spending time shadowing physicians, and been studying in preparation for the MCAT, which I’ll take in August. I’m currently taking 20 hours, which on top of everything else going on in my life, has severely cut into my writing time. This too shall pass… after I take the MCAT. Following that, I’m free to write for a year, and have plans to finish books five and six before medical school starts (if life takes me that way). For the time being, the release date is being pushed back.

In other news, the cover art for the fifth book is 99% done. I will add it to the website next month!